Klimbnow Retail Application Service is proud to provide a unique competitive advantage to you. Our Solutions offers a set of no-risk solutions requiring no software purchase, no additional headcount and no hardware or fixed costs, while giving access to tested and proven knowledge. This enables you to realize the real value of our solutions at every step. Web based application with delivery of application service over a standard Internet browser that can be specifically designed and developed as per present requirement ensuring ease of use with High Labor turnover, little training to operate and friendly interface.

Klimbnow Retail Solutions provides better matches for records associated with an individual, thereby helps retailers identify fraud and increase efficiencies in the order review process. Our Retail solutions empower retailers with tools and information they need to succeed in the people business. It provides these advantages by providing an all-in-one retail solution that is:

  • Familiar and easy for people to use
  • Fast to deploy, widely accepted
  • A technology platform for building business applications with broad and rich functionality
  • Deployed with a stable, reliable and scalable database
  • Protected by Microsoft platform and database investment

Limitless custom reporting, youll get a library of standard retail reports presented in Excel format, allowing users to get the reports they want.

Technology changes rapidly, and we make sure that whatever system you choose will keep up with your changing needs. Klimbnow retail solutions has teamed with the best SaaS software developers in industry to provide you with easy to use, retail point of sale solutions designed to help you reduce time-consuming, manual searches and maximize operational efficiencies while preventing fraud and be in total control. Your one selection in various industries such as Electronic Stores, Accessories and other Retail Goods would tell which solutions could work well for your particular industry and how some of your peers have solved their needs with Klimbnow retail solutions.